Computer Graphics Course Material

This website contains the material and content of the lectures Computer Graphics (CG) at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. To display the PowerPoint-Slides correctly please download the Roboto Font from Google. The content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Lecture Slides

00 - Introduction

Course and semester specific introduction, What is CG?, A brief history of CG

01 - Transformations

Vectors, Matrices, Transformations and Projections

02 - Modeling

Parametric Modeling, Splines, B-Splines, NURBS, Polygonal, and Subdivision Modeling

03 - Texture Mapping

Texture Coordinates, Mapping, Sampling, Filtering, and Procedural Textures

04 - Shading

Materials, Lambert, Phong, Bump Maps, BRDF, ...

05 - Rendering

Rasterizing, Clipping, Culling, Shadows, Raytracing, Pathtracing, ...

06 - Animation and Simulation

Keyframes, Procedural Animations, Kinematics, Simulation Classes, ...

Test Exams

Test exam from SS 2021

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